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List of Jobs Website in Uganda | Ways to Get Jobs in Easily in Uganda

Jobs in Uganda

In-Demand skills you need to get hired fast

In-demand soft skills

  • Time management skills
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Persuasion
  • Creativity
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Work ethic

In-demand hard skills

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Web Development
  • UX design
  • Analytical reasoning
  • People Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data science
  • Graphic design
  • Business analysis
  • Mobile application development

Job Hunting Mistakes you should avoid when searching for a job in Uganda

There is a method to almost everything in life; the same applies to job hunting. Job hunting is a process and you need to follow the right steps to get the desired results. There’s no doubt that job hunting can be difficult, but it’s frustrating for people to make mistakes because they don’t know enough. If you have been doing the same thing for a long time and expect to get out of it, then you must be kidding.

Albert Einstein said in one of his popular quotes; “the measure of intelligence is the ability to change”. So if you want to take the smart route in your job search journey, then you should be willing and open to change and learn new things.

There are different mistakes that Ugandans make when searching for a job that eventually prevents them from landing their dream jobs even when they are qualified for the job. Let us look at some of these mistakes:

Not having a career plan/focus

One of the mistakes that many job seekers in Uganda make is not identifying their professional interests before applying for jobs. Many job seekers apply for jobs they are not qualified for and expect to get. Research has found that recruiters spend 6 seconds on resumes. So, as soon as the recruiter can see that you are not qualified for the job as soon as they look at your resume, be sure that you will not get the job. You see why it doesn’t make sense to keep applying for every job you see online. You need to find out what type of work you need to apply for in order to get the targeted job. No job search plans

Job hunting is a job in itself, so you need to be prepared to get the results you want. Planning your job search isn’t just about having a great resume, cover letter, or even preparing for your interview. Planning your job search starts with planning your search. Keep records such as the name of the company you are applying for, the jobs you have applied for (this will help you track your application), the type of resume you are using for each job, the interviews you have attended with him, etc.

It is these seemingly little details that ensure you don’t make mistakes like:

  • Having no clue about the position you applied for when asked during the interview.
  • Attending a fraud job interview.
  • Sending the wrong resume.
  • Applying to jobs without being qualified.

Planning your job search will help you land a job with little or no stress.

Neglecting Networking

When it comes to getting a job, you need to be smart to tap into opportunities. Job opportunities are not just the ones you see online on job boards, the job you are looking for may just be very close to you.

Just like we said earlier, networking allows you to access the hidden job market. So if you are job hunting you should not neglect networking with professionals in your field.

You should always be open to networking even with family members and friends. Talk about your career to anyone that cares to listen when you have the opportunity to, you never know who has the opportunity you have been looking for.

Being unprofessional

If you are looking to get a corporate job, then you have to be professional. Employers don’t want to work with someone that trivializes things. When you are networking with professional on LinkedIn, you have to be professional or else you won’t get the right response.

Asides from your conversation, you should also be professional when sending your emails. Avoid using emails like, always make sure your email address is professional as well as the content of the email.

List of Website where you can find jobs in Uganda

Even if it could be quite challenging to find jobs in Uganda, there are still some places that makes job search easy. Although many websites post jobs in Uganda, but there are only a few places that we can recommend to you because of the high quality of jobs you can find there.

Alljobspo Uganda — You will get access to latest and verified jobs in Uganda. — Get jobs and send your application along. — BrighterMonday Uganda was established in 2014 with the aim of digitising Human Resources and Transforming Productivity in Uganda. We use a bespoke mix of human and automated solutions to match employers with the best candidates, so they can hire the right fit faster. — Ugandan Jobline Jobs is the leading and Ultimate Jobs website that has
significantly bridged the gap between Job seekers and the very much cherished employers

LinkedIn — Professional networking platform. LinkedIn allows you to network with experts as well as expose you to hidden jobs in Uganda.

Facebook — As much as it is a social platform, you can connect with companies and get notified of vacancies.

Jobs by provinces in Uganda

Have you ever considered your location when job hunting in Uganda? While some employers don’t care about a candidate’s location, others prefer to hire someone that lives close to the office.

You should always consider your location when searching for a job because some job roles are more available in some provinces than others are.

See most common jobs by provinces in Uganda

Highest paying careers in Uganda

If you are looking at doing a job that will allow you to earn well, then it means you have to target the highest paying careers in Uganda. These are the top 20 highest paying companies in Uganda:


Accounting, Actuaries, Finance Experts


Information Technology

Pilot/ Aviation Industry


Education (college professors)

Getting a job in Uganda will be less challenging if you follow the tips we mentioned above. Knowing the kind of job you want to do and equipping yourself to function in that job is what is important.

Are you experiencing a unique challenge with your job search? Let us know in the comment box below. We will be glad to respond to your questions.